Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running. ~Author unknown

Well, I guess when you have a 100K race in a few weeks there is no down time really. After a couple of days off, I was back running my usual 16k a day. My legs are feeling great and after coming home to cleaning after my kids and house housework I gladly leave the house for a run.

My training is supposed to go up in intensity again. I am becoming the queen of time management just to make sure I don’t fall behind at work, drop the ball on my kids or flunk any classes at the University. Spring has finally arrived in Calgary and that will make my training schedule a lot easier to stick to.

Once I week Nadia will drop me off at work and I will run back home. I measured the distance today is 28K one way. That is long enough to be my long run of the week. I usually run 32K on Sundays but I can always increase the mileage of the other days to an extra 2K to offset it. That way I can have more study time on the weekend( and yes cleaning even if I don't like it). My next course is Finance and I am going to need a lot more study time than usual finance is one of those subjects that don’t make sense to me, I need to read the chapters a few times to fully understand it.

This month I have the Blackfoot Ultra so I don’t need a really long run, that can be my long training run for my 100 miler. In June I don’t have a race so I can run to and from work one day, is a lot easier that leaving my kids on a Sunday for 6 hours alone.

I have fantastic news about Peter Lubbers. He is now a member of the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team. I checked the team’s website and I found tons of information and tips about trail running. I wish I had read this last year for my first ultra; it would have saved me from hypothermia for sure. You might want to check Peters’ blog as well for information (sorry ladies Peter is happily married) I am excited for Peter he is such an amazing athlete and now the word is out.

Well, if you see a crazy person running against traffic on rush hour down Crowchild Trail please be kind and it might not be a bad idea to throw a slice of pizza at her, thin crust, light on the cheese ,heavy on the tomato sauce.


Leslie said...

Nice work at Boston Norma! You are getting speedy! I think it woould be hard to P.R at Boston simply because THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE! I had never run a race that big until I ran Boston. When do you sleep? See you at Blackfoot, I'll make sure to introduce myself!

Leslie of Banff

Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Norma,
Good luck trying to juggle all your activities and all the best at the Blackfoot 100K. Running home sounds like a great solution!
Take care,

mcfarland said...

My next course is Finance and I am going to require a lot more study time than usual finance is one of those topics that don’t make intelligence to me,