Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I hope Fried Green Tomatoes is on TV tonigh

I am experiencing some soreness in my quad. I am not sure is serious but at this point I don't want to take a chance. A healthy average runner is better off on a race than a fit injured one. I have being sitting and eating comfort food and it might seem like a great day but, beware doing this will lead to endless channel surfing to find chick flicks.
I feel guilty for just sitting at home and not exercising, and just like somebody going though a breakup and sees couples everywhere, I too seem to notice people jogging, on bikes ,roller blading. Sunday when I went for a walk I saw the running groups everywhere, having a great time. I came home and ate more carbs.
I am leaving Friday and the day doesn't come fast enough, I never thought I was going to be looking forward to driving for 7 hours to car camp on a community parking lot and sharing the general showers. Not exactly a Club Med vacation.
I imagine that things would be different if I had been a single mother of girls. But would it? As a kid I was never allowed to play sports only dance classes. Sports where to tomboyish for my mom, in Mexico a good parent will make sure daughters are marriageable, and what nice boy will want a girl that behaved like a boy, my mom always said when I asked if I could play on a team.
In my teens too, I was never allowed to do anything that made me too muscular, back then models and actresses did not look muscular.I think I am finally coming on my own. I realize that the reason why I never did anything like this before was not because I don't enjoy it, but because I was never allowed. As a mother of boys, I am around sports that I always thought where for boys, and I have learn to enjoy mountain biking, running marathons, I have learned to love sports as a life style not just something you do to look a certain way.

On my ipod this week

1.Umbrella---- Rihanna
3.I am changing--- Jennifer Hudson
4.Sorry--- Maddona
5. Here I go again--- whitesnake

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The wating game

I started my taper and I am not feeling well. I have being running so much for so long that not running is making me cranky. Last time I tapered I insulted my best friend Nadia. Training at a certain intensity and then taking it away is like taking nicotine away from a smoker. I have been very emotional. I watched "Because I said so" and even though I knew it was bad I couldn't stop crying.

I am ready to go. I am as ready as I could be given the circumstances. I have being training for Boston so I haven't prepare for a lot of hills. I am no different that anybody else in terms of exercise. I drive to Memorial dr to go for a run or drive to and from the gym but never take the stairs. Now I am wishing I had taking the stairs a bit more often.

John stopped by today to go over next weekend. here is a friend who I hardly even know that when he heard I was going to race alone volunteer to be my support crew, our kids play soccer at the same league and we both volunteer for the association but including today I have met him only a handful of times. I told him he would absolutely hate me after the race. I guess it will be like giving birth in front of a person I hardly even know. John will be in my friends list forever, next time I move I sure know who I will call first.

We had a good chat until the part where he saw my equipment and then asked me why didn't I have the bear spray yet. Is wishfull thinking of my part. I know I am not going to be the first in the race and I am hopping to be somewhere in the middle, bears will be long gone by the time I go by I hope, unless of course I fall so far behind the bear come out from hiding. Maybe I should get a small bear spray, I am not sure I can operate the canister properly with exhausted arms, with my luck I will probably spraying myself and become peppered Mexican beef jerky.

I talked to my kids today. They left their cell behind and their friends are trying to get a hold of them. Talking to them eliminated any doubt in my mind. My kids had a rough year last year and now their only worry is trying to schedule play dates with their friends over the summer. I am thankful for all the support that got us there. I will try my hardest to make it as far as I can on the race, but just like John said "don't worry, if you don't finish I guess this will be your practice run for next year"

Saturday, July 28, 2007

you mean you will be in a lot of pain for 24 hours

I saw my friend Nancy yesterday and we started talking about the race. She was out for a walk with her husband and baby daughter. after trying to explain my best what this race is all about. " is it dangerous?" I guess there is always risk involved, I explained, but most people drop our of injury or because you are in too much pain. Nancy didn't even blink, " you'll be fine" she added. I guess, to a young mother who just experience childbirth, pain is not something that makes her cringe any more. There are experiences in life that stretches our boundaries of what we think is possible. I guess that is why when I got the call from the Death Race organizers and told me there was a spot for me if I wanted I decided to go ahead and not wait until next year.

I picked up all my gear now and I am ready to go. headlight for running at night, walking poles to try and use my upper body and give my legs a rest, extra pair of shoes 1 size too big for the later part ,my feet will swell a size I am told, table salt, electrolyte tablets, gels, boost, smart wool socks, moleskin, duct tape for my feet and an extra large camel back.

I went running for about 40 minutes and tried my gear, I need to know where it chaffs and where it pinches and try and be pro active.

The race is exactly in a week and I am feeling anxious, there is nothing I can do to prepare myself physically , is to late to get any fitter, I have to go with what I got, and I don't want to loose my courage. I am not afraid of the race I am more afraid of the week after. Reading racers stories of last year racers,it always ends the same way, it seems unbelievable how much your body can ache.

Well, the thing I am looking forward after the race is the fact that the next day meals will account for 0 calories, my body will burn so many calories that it will not matter. I am going to order that extra slice of chocolate cake.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I only laugh when I am nervous

Wow! I am screening calls now. I think I have collected more pledges from people that ask me not to do it that the other way around.

yes is nuts. I am very intimidated by it. some people seem to think is a cry for attention. I can think of better ways of crying for attention. Being 39,dressing up in animal print and hitting the bars. Now that sounds more like something that I could do this long weekend that will also give me attention.

I am really doubting my ability to finish this race now. When I first sign for it, I knew it was going to be crazy but there was a small part of me that thought "maybe" is not like I have being sitting in the couch and all of a sudden saying "My kids are gone for 2 weeks, let's see, I can get an other cat or I can race for 125K" .

The thing is, my life is getting easier, I am looking forward to my next Athabasca University class and the craziness of two preteen boys and their school and sports schedule, and it's getting harder for me to wake up at 5am every day to go for a run. The truth is a feel guilty for looking forward to a less stressed life ( I do have some stress, I am after all a single mother of 2 boys), if it's not for organizations like the CNIB that provide help to families like mine, I wouldn't have being looking into the possibility of going back to a normal life so soon.

I feel great about being able to give them 24 hours of my life so they can go ahead and do what they do. The strangest thing is that I almost never notice that Karl is visually impaired, but once a week I will get a yellow box with braille writing and a book on tape and I remember that they are only a phone call away

Before I ever considered doing the Canadian Death Race, I imagine this race being full of renegades, people who had trouble adapting to the norms of society and after talking to a few people who have done the race solo I realize they are your average white collar corporate Calgary. Sure is unusual to spend some of your hard earned vacation time to do something like this.

Darcy whom I met for a run so I could asked questions about this race never doubted my ability to do it. Darcy has run this race for 4 straight years and he is doing it again this year never needed an excuse for racing ultras, except that he just loves running . He was however very disappointed that the 100 miles Lost Soul Ultra in Lethbridge was full and I couldn't sign for that one too.

I am committed to do this race, I hope I completed so I don't have to give it an other shot next year, unless just like Darcy, I end up falling in love with the sport and I will look forward to spending my long earn vacation time in Grand Cache Alberta in the August long weekend.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

all of a sudden Britney seems emotionaly stable single mother

You can't be serious... There must be something wrong... I'll give you the $1000 if you don't do it...

that seems to be the reaction from some friends. On the other hand I have already collected $1000 in pledge money for the CNIB. First day and from only two friends that responded. I am so excited.

It seems to be a great concern about my mental health, sure, my kids are gone for 3 weeks and I am not the best of dealing with loneliness.. but this goal is tough but my expectations are realistic, to finish. will I be disappointed if I am force to drop out out of running out of time or injury? sure but I am determined to keep it relatively safe. Plus we all do stupid things once in a while, specially during Stampede, DUI, unprotected sex, parties with livestock and drunk oil employees trying to wrestle a baby calf. Well this is my own little stampede.

The goal is to finish, I will push trough blisters, fatigue, muscle pain and things like that. I will stop if I think I am in danger at any moment, plus is a 24 running and hiking. Like Karl says, "is just my eyes mom" " everything else works really well". Is just going to be a really long day.

Preparations are underway, I found a friend willing to car camp with me and be my support person, helping me with bandages, change my shoes, feed me, support is not allowed outside check points but having a friendly face specially on the night part will be invaluable.

My training now is mostly walking, my muscles are fatigue since I was training for the 5 peaks race mid September. I have to do a force taper to let my leg muscles rest.

top 5 songs on my ipod to get me going this week

1. la cadena de oro ---Cabas
2. party like is 1999---Prince
3. Daria ---La 5a Estacion
4. Tu tortura--- Shakira y Alejandro Saenz
5. Don't stop till get enough--- Michael Jackson

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I thought they were kidding too

I can believe this is is happening this fast. I started inquiring about the Canadian Death Race in hopes to race it next year and next thing you know I am going to be racing next weekend.
The only two people I had a chance to tell in person try to talk me out of it, so I do know how crazy this is.

I am exited, not about running 125K, but I am excited that I have found a way to give back to the CNIB. When Karl was diagnosed with Cone Dystrophy, I had a lot of questions and they took the time to talk to me and provided all the help I needed to help Karl. There are a lot of amazing organizations that help families or individuals like me deal with adversity.You never really appreciate it until you need them. They never made me feel guilty for thinking," what am I going to do" they understood that even though Karl was the one diagnosed, it affected as all.

Of course I relied on friends and family as well. So this ultra marathon is dedicated to everybody that held my hand. My kids are doing amazing now, they act like normal preteen boys and that is why I am so thankful to everybody.

I am sure this is going to be quite the adventure. Talking to a few ultimate runners I had the pleasure of hearing fantastic tips on how to suffer the least. I am told the pain will never stop but they are ways of lessening the pain.

So enjoy the ride is guaranteed to be a bumpy one