Sunday, December 5, 2010

Adventuring in times of recession

Unless you are Bill Gates I am sure that you are feeling the belt tightening right now. For me, it had definitely slow down and some of the initial plans have change just because is so hard to find sponsors or to even fund the adventures myself, but when adventure is in your blood, nothing can stop you.

I am still dreaming of adventures, they might not be the ones that i originally planned, some of them are out of my reach, at least for the time been or maybe for ever but adventure still runs in my blood.

So what to do to create adventure? simple, start again. Adventure is doing something that both excites you and scares you. Go for a pr, try a new sport.

I am back training hard, I have postponed climbing because is too expensive but I also want to be ready, so when the time comes to climb again i will be in top shape to pack my bags and head out. To tame the beast i looked hard at things that i could do that would be more approchable, i signed to do Ironman in Texas, My ex husband is there, so I have a place to stay and he can help me with airmiles. I am also looking for races that are close to me, the nice thing about having moved to British Columbia is that there are a lot of races that I haven done here yet.

There are also races that not as popular therefore registration is lower than the usual high profile races. Arrowhead 135 mile race is less than $200 for registration. Yes i have to run with a sled in Minnesota in the middle of Winter but that is just part of the adventure.

As well you can find groups such as the Fat Ass Club that for a small fee will let you participate in races that are fuss free and fun. This type of races are not for beginners, there are no markings or check points just a bunch of people with alike interest. So much like it was at the beginning before ultra races became the thing to do for ambitious runners who needed more after the marathon became accessible to the moms and the Oprah’s of the world.

I am taking advantage of this slow time to work on the things i neglected when i was so busy, like spending more time with family,and i could take family and friends to runs with me once in a while because i wasn't on such a tight training schedule.

Right now is also a great time to take the times to improve on other things, I am working on running faster, something that i been struggling, Having had so many races last year, there was no time to train properly, i basically survived. I am now looking at a fewer races but hoping for a faster time.

Yes, there is a reccession, that however shouldn’t stop you from waking up excited everyday, all i have to do is remember that beginning of my running almost 5 years ago, the car camping, eating jelly beans bought in bulk to save, searching Craig’s list for much needed items that i couldn’t afford new. I was fortunate to have experience some amazing races and climbs using nothing but the best but at the end all I want is to be out there.

Is amazing how little it takes when you make up your mind, for halloween my sister Muneca, her friend Leticia and i run a 6 mile race on a costume and it was a blast! yes I love ultras but is all about the excitement of running no matter what the distance. To save money some races are also offering the option to charge a smaller fee if you don’t require a t shirt, I think more races should offer that, we paid half of what we usually do.

I am back training as hard i as did last year preparing for a world record. Is all about giving your best and knowing it. Things are not going to change, I always expected to go back to my normal life once I found I had run out of options, I would have just admit to myself that it had been one helluva ride and move on, no chance of that, this is who i am, curious by nature.

Adventure is out there still, good times makes us lazy, just watch a kid and everything and everyday is an adventure.

I have a couple of 50K's coming up, the first next Sunday in North Vancouver's Lynn Valley Park, Fat Ass Club is putting it on so is no frills for sure just trails and a bunch of people that have something in common, love to run.

I sometimes wonder why some people are born with the incredible desire to make everyday count while others don't think is worth their effort. I hear very often elaborate excuses of WHY they can't do it and I meet sadly very few who spend time thinking on the HOW to do it. It all comes down to one thing, things are very though right now for everybody and the ones out there working hard on doing it are the ones that want it the most, as for me, all i remind myself is that i dont have to do it, but that i want to do it, so is ok if i call it training even if is to just run 50k on a race that is not a race really but an organized run, after all isn't that what real adventure is, the act of doing something that a few dare to do.

So what if your next race is only the local 5K? try to go for a pr or maybe help train somebody,I cant tell you that i enjoyed watching my sister crossed the finish line more than i did qualifying for Boston, she has been in a lot pain from her condition so it was such a rush seeing her knowing how painful is for her to run. I am thankful for that, last year, I couldn't have taken the time to encourage her to do it. Just remember to go hard with what you got.

Adventure is not outside man, it is within. George Eliot.