Saturday, July 5, 2008

Racing the Planet

“If you want to make something happen, you have to be outrageous. You have to go beyond what is acceptable. Unwillingness to do that is the biggest risk of all.” Mike Vance

As I am getting ready for the Sinister 7 I also found out I also will be competing at the Sahara Race October 26- Nov 1, which coincidentally is my birthday, Can't imagine a better way to spend my birthday than to run 250K.I am now talking to a few people about sponsorship since this is not a race I can just car camp,is looking promising but I am crossing my fingers just in case.

The race is a bit ahead of schedule, OK a lot, but this is how I am going to accomplish it.
I am going to keep running my usual mileage, 60-80 miles per week while adding hiking and power walking with a 22 lbs. backpack, and/ or biking for about an hour.This way I am increasing my endurance while avoiding injuries, I am already exercising about 4 hours a day. Good news, I am still feeling pretty good, bad news I still don't look like Madonna, even worse news, my house is a mess.

Why do it? besides raising awareness for the CNIB, I can't imagine living my life any other way. The thrill, the adventure, the adrenaline,the pain, they all remind me I am alive. I have found myself in these journey that when I go to bed at night I am excited for the next day to come.

The sacrifices are big but I am convince these next few years will bring inner peace and self acceptance that is only found when you are enlighten. Phew, kind of heavy, time to phone Oprah. With out kidding, is there ever been a time that you where so certain of something you forget your inhibitions and your perception of what is possible streches so far you can almost touch the sky? if not it might be time to do something that intimidates you.

Sinister 7 race is just around the corner, I will be running 135K and I think I will be finish it in around 25 1/5 hours giving the terrain. Rachel a co worker of mine and her boyfriend will be my support. They are hard core mountain bikers and they will just move my race bag from check point to check point while they bike in the nearby area. All I ask from them is a nice cup of coffee around 4am!. Rachel will be writing a mountain bike area report for me to post here. The race is located in Crossness Pass by Blairmore, a beautiful area and I am sure we will both have fantastic pictures to post too, because is Stampede in Calgary I might be running the race with a cowboy hat.

Until next week, now move away from the computer and go try something new.


Sunshine Girl said...

Good luck this weekend Norman! Double check your headlamp, pack spare batteries and eat and drink lots early and frequently!! And have fun and take lots of photos...

Sunshine Girl said...

Oh my goodness, did I just call you Norman instead of Norma?? Sorry!

Kincho-no-Meijin said...

Good luck with your race,
but take it easy. Summer race
is extremely difficult to run fast, especially Sahara race.
Sahara marathon is one of
the most endurance race, because
of temperature (high(over 45℃):
daytime, low(about 20℃): evening).
Norma, you can be good running
in Sahara race. You are fast
endurance runner, I feel.

P.S: I tried 7-hour-endurance
running competition last
week. The result is 61.2km,
because of my bad condition
and of bad weather (cloudy
and humid day).

Norma Bastidas said...


my best friends in Tokyo called me Norman, I lived there during Desert Storm and Storman Norman was a catchy pharse, they thought I was just like Norman Schwarzkopf...

Norma Bastidas said...

Kincho No Meijin,

congratulations 61.2K is fantastic! Japan is so humid, I was there last summer and it was hard to run...