Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Leadership has been defined as the ability to hide your panic from others" Unknow

Panic- Pan-ik
a sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior.

6 days and 18hrs until Lost Souls 100 mile ultra. I haven't felt well for the last week or so and I am sure my body is in a panic mode. Bolt Supply House is sponsoring my race so I should be in less of a panic, I was going to be running alone with no support crew but then John McCann president of Bolt Supply House offered his help, I was thrilled when John emailed me, I started working part time last month and I was a bit stressed about the expense of going to Lethbridge> is only few hours away but I have to book a room at the local hotel for 3 days plus meals and gas, and you get the picture, I told my kids I was clairvoyant, I could see tuna sandwiches for supper for the next few weeks. In few short emails he put me in contact with Brent West.

Brent had a lot of questions, "what exactly is the crew suppose to do?" Well,I am sure he is still scratching his head after he read my email. The crew's main responsability is to make sure I am safe and I don't end up being disqualified for loosing more than 7% of my body weight at any time. I will be weighted few times during the race before being allowed to continued. If I end up sick again, I can end up with dehydration, dehydration means loosing weight and that could lead to being pulled out of the race. I also told Brent that if it looks like I am dying but my eyes aren't rolling backwards, I am OK, I just need more electrolytes.

I will proudly be wearing Bolt Supply House logo, I am sure if John had asked me I would have run the whole race as Top Nut, their mascot, I almost canceled the race because I didn't think was smart to spend that much on a race specially after paying for school supplies for my kids and their after school activities this month, thanks to John I don't have to.

Lost Souls ultra race course is a lop of 53.7k, I am hopping a sub-29hr finish but 30hrs is not hard to see as a final result. my feeling is that I will do great for the first 18hrs then go downhill fast, my brother Carlos who lives in Mexico mention this when we talked after the Canadian Death Race, I usually get in trouble around the exact same time, at the 18hr mark.

I think for time I am predicting I will do 7hrs on the first loop, 10hrs on the second loop and 13 on the last loop for a 30hrs finish, since it starts Friday at 8am, I should be crossing the finish line on Saturday around 1pm. I couldn't find a pacer for my last loop so I will be running it alone.

“Unless you move, the place where you are is the place where you will always be” Ashleigh Brilliant

Send you good vibes next weekend, I am nervous and its only because it means so much to me, I love that I still get butterflies before a race even though I have been running a race a month for the last 7 months, the best part of all, after Lost Souls I get to get ready for Sahara 250k Race, all of a sudden,my friends an acquaintances are all thinking, being a single struggling parent ain't so bad after all.

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