Monday, June 15, 2009

Gobi March Day 2

Day two in China, todays stage was 41.2 and it was named Mars on Gobi referring to the red canyon river bed we crossed.

It took me a lot longer to finish than yesterday, i droped to 6th female, i feel fine but had a ard time running my legs felt like bricks, otherwise i am healthy.There where not a lot of flat seccions and that takes a lot of oxygen to fuel the legs.

The scenery still takes my breath away, I am trying very hard to do my best but I also need to stay focus, I have a race in two weeks and I need to remain healthy, some part of me feel like I am letting my friends and family down when I see my times dropping.

We still have some tought days ahead, so I am just going to run my race and what evertime I finish that will be my right time.

I am missing everybody back home, I feel like the last 6 months I have hardly been home, living out of a suitcase in strange hotels around the world, I know this is an amazing opportunity for me and my kids are well look after by my mom when I am away.

As usual I am making fantastic friends, some that I am sure will be my friends for life, that's the best part of it all, when this is all forgoten, the record and all, what it will remain will be the lasting friendships I am making.

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