Saturday, December 12, 2009

back to base camp

just got back to base camp after making it to camp 2 yesterday. i have a lot of emotions that are building up. I suffered from severed dehydration and the guides decided that it was best for me to turn around. I felt fine, just weak and tired but since the team was heading to camp two again, Matias told me it was best for me to come back. I respect his decition, from the beggining i told him that i was going to follow his orders.

there were a couple of things that i did wrong, first carring all my gear instead of hiring a porter proved to be a mistake, second, i needed to learn to speak up, emotions are running high in the group, not enough toilet paper, broken tents and such so i ended up climbing to camp 2 with only half a liter.

I am incredibly sad,it´s hard to say but i still think i could have made it to the top. i guess now its time to go back home, regroup and see what i need to change then give it an other go.


Nicola said...

A big hug Norma, sure you will do great next time don't be sad!

steelyhead said...

We love very much and we all know you`ll be there next time. Visualize the net climb It`s all yours.
Hugs and kisses.

John Postoluk said...

Norma, I'm very sorry your weren't able to make it this time around. You have it in you, that's for sure. Have a safe trip back home...enjoy some time with your kids & family and regroup for next time. You have some really good experience now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Norma:
I was sad to have read your comments today and wish you nothing but the very best. Although you are disappointed I know that you can make it and am convinced you will make it with the experience and determination that you shown.I wish I was there to bring you home on the return Air Canada flight 93. I hope that I will meet you again soon! Safe travels home and Merry Christmas! Talk soon!
Gary McNutt
Flight Attendant - Air Canada

Norma Bastidas said...

thanks all for your support! it means so much to me.