Monday, July 12, 2010

The Adventure Begins

Today we just walked around downtown Moshi and got some snacks for the climb. People in Tanzania are very friendly, walking in town you would think it was the 90's, they are selling cassette tapes and the ads for the movies on the video store are about 20 years old movies. Its very cool having Nadia here, i love having the company, usually i arrive at a town and meet people, its always great but this makes it so much more enjoyable.

I was a bit tired and not very excited coming here, not having my niece to look after the kids, it just seems like i am constantly leaving them and i feel so selfish sometimes, the boys did roll their eyes at me and told me they are old enough to be alone for a few hours a day until dad gets home from work.

I feel the same about Charlie. He encourages me to keep living my life and pursuing my passion. He has his own life and challenges and right now we aren't getting much time together. I worry that he will get tired of me traveling without him. But he knows i love him and i know he is devoted to me. I hope we will be together for the next climb.

There where endless planes, airport security checks and trying to sleep at yet an other airport gate, trying to find room on the floor beside a sea of strangers. I think this is the first time that i wasn't excited when i boarded the plane, then just before landing in Tanzania, there it was, Kilimanjaro! So amazingly beautiful, the plane circled around a bit, and I could feel all my worries and unhappiness fading. Kilimanjaro is such a beautiful mountain, it stands so tall, the clouds resting below its peak. i noticed that i was already smiling hard, this is the life that i have forged for myself, every step i have taken, stubbornly it's taking me here, how grateful am i. It's back home where we feel like our problems seem bigger than they really are, its because we have surrounded ourselves with comfort and material things that we give status and materialistic things so much value. Mountains and trails are real, they are the true treasures in life. I am not feeling guilty anymore, how can anybody judge me for trying to feed my soul? I will go home having more to give to my loved ones, i think we have become a society that we try to see stress and unhappiness as a badge of honor, the only wealthy person that i know that prides himself of been passionate about other things besides his business is Richard Branson, his enthusiasm for life and adventure is so contagious you want to fly on his plane or buy his phone plan.

People here in Tanzania have it all figured out, they are incredibly happy with a lot less than we are, they have nature and family, anything else is just stuff that you need to dust or clean. They have legs to get them places, there are no gyms, just a soccer ball, a street and a bunch of friends as a form of exercise and later you can always gather your family and watch a good family picture like Ghostbusters at the local theater.

I definitely feel ready for the climb, how can i not be grateful and happy for the opportunity to surround myself with so much beauty, I decided to live my life collecting memories not possessions, and i hope my family follows suit, and the only way they will do it is by example, it doesn't matter what i say, it is how i live my live that will teach my loved ones what i think life is all about.

The climb starts Monday we should finish on Friday. I will post again when I can.

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