Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Things You May Not Know About Me

1.My head isn't perfectly round.If ever get cancer i will stay away from chemo.
2.My mom dressed me as a boy until age 10. She didn't think i was pretty enough to wear dresses.My favourite cousin cried when he saw me with a dress, he had no idea he had been playing with a girl
3. In Japan i worked as a Playboy Bunny at a night club serving drinks
4.I met Yoko Ono and she refused to shake my hand
5.Billy Joel`s bodyguard once helped me deal with a drunk at a nightclub
6.Although I was born in Mexico, I can`t handle heat or alcohol
7.I was a soap actress from age 16 to 24
8. As a kid I cheated at every game I ever played
9. There is only 11 months difference between my middle sister and I
10. I still have Menudo songs playing on my ipod
11.I drive friends and family crazy because I rationalized everything
12.I love Mexican soaps
13.When I told my relatives I was moving to Japan to model, they laughed hard, heck they are still laughing after 16 years
14.I love watching Cash Cab on Discovery Channel
15.There was a point in my life that I talked to animals more than I did to humans
16. I love trails, trail running is the biggest trill I have ever experience ( sorry to my kids, yes I did cry of excitement when they where born)
17. I have journal since I am 11 years old, I still have my teenage years journals
18. Running hard everyday is just an excuse from doing housework
19. I wanted to be a nun when I was 10
20. I cry at Tim Horton`s commercials


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff Norma. I had no idea. it's gonna be a fun drive up to St Paul. Will have a bunch of questions for you!!

RunnerDude said...

Hilarious! I use to be a room service waiter in college. Delivered food to Nick Nolte's room. His wife (at the time) answered the door to pay me. Nick walked out of the bath room buck naked. Without skipping a beat, he said, "I'd tip you, but I don't have anything on me." Another time I hear a housekeeper being fussed at about they wrong type of coat hangers. I looked and it was Linda Lavin (Alice) fussing at this poor lady. Was like a sceen out of Mommy Dearest.LOL!! Also met Mickey Dolan of the Monkies, Jack Lemon, Neil Simon, etc...was lots of fun. Never had to dress as a girl though. :-)

Norma Bastidas said...

That's so funny.Did you see him naked when he was sexies man alive or after? Big difference.

Too bad you mom didn't dress you up as a girl, my favourite was when my mom always show my boyfriends the pictures, i really looked like a little boy, I swear they started to check my adams apple to make sure I didn't do a sex change.

Sunshine Girl said...

Honey, there is one thing you will NEVER be mistaken for and that is a MAN!!

Love ya! Leslie