Saturday, April 25, 2009

Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Me

Well it seems that my last post was the most fun so here is more.

5. My second language was Japanese, I learned well enough that when I met Japanese people I had to tell them I was half Japanese, they always warm up to me after that

4. During Desert Storm, my nick name was Storming Norman, I still have friends who call me Norman

3. I was once confused to be my own kids nanny, by other nannies playing at a park. My kids look more like their father who is Scandinavian. I never went to that park again, they probably though I was Rebbecca De Mornay on the Hand That Rocks The Cradle

2.As a kid, my family was so crazy that when they told me I was adopted, I fantasized about my "real parent" rescuing me, I loved the idea of not being related to my siblings

1.In my 20's at a party I once slapped Hulk Hogan when he patted my behind as I walked by him. He wanted to KILL ME specially when he kept telling me " do you know who i am?" and I didn't, and didn't care either.In no time it was like in jail, he was at one end of the dance floor, whit his 4 guys, I was a the other side with every single guy in the place behind me ready to defend my honor. My sister Muneca still talks about that day, she couldn't see above the crowd and when she asked what was going on,all she heard was "It's you little sister, she is dead"


Anonymous said...

Haha, this trip to St Paul is looking more and more fun. Is that the same sister we are meeting up in Edmonton?

Sunshine Girl said...

Real Norma. Real blog. Real funny.

Lisa Kauffmann said...

That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!