Tuesday, April 5, 2011

you know you are at Coyote Two Moon when..

You know you’re at C2M 2011 when:
10. Your fellow runners are adorning propeller hats, butterfly wings and jungle bells.
9. You receive a free dermabrasion treatment on top of the ridge with your paid entry fee. Courtesy of Mother Nature.
8. Your Race Director is wearing a Pig costume.
7. You’re headlamp is doing no good, cause your breathe is so hot in the cold air you can’t see through it.
6. You reach Howard’s Creek “Love Shack” and are offered Peace, Love and Merlot.
5. The “Rockstar” volunteers offer to help you change your clothes, cause your damn fingers won’t work anymore.
4. There’s a rubber snake on top of the ridge in a blizzard. What the…
3. You find yourself running down Cozy Dell in a pair of platform sneakers made of mud, but don’t remember putting them on.
2. Chicken broth seems like the next best thing since sliced bread.
And the number 1 reason you know you’re at C2M 2011 when:
Every runner, crew and volunteer has returned safely off the mountain.

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