Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coyote 2 Moon- Corrections

Boy did I get in trouble. I want to clarify somethings about my race report, i hope it didn't come through as a whiner, I just wanted to tell you my experience. Never did I intent to make anybody that organized or volunteered at C2M responsible for what happened. On the contrary, I received plenty of emails from Chris the RD to be prepared for, and I am quoting him, CaCa weather.

There was a couple of things that Chris called me on, and eventually even cost me to be penalized on the final results.
Is not Coyote 2 Moons but Coyote 2 Moon, no s.
Is not a race but and event, although i disagree with that, I am sure if you are in the back you will think of it as an event if you are in the front you will think is a race.

The loot bag was not full of irrelevant paraphernalia, although i am still waiting on his response on the meaning on the stir stick from Best Western, two 2009 agendas and pamphlets such as Elvis Presley's impersonator show in Vegas.

and the most important clarifications was that they were aware of my absence, I think that Chris and everybody involved did an amazing job at getting everybody down from the ridge safely. When i finally was able to find help my main concern was to notify that i was safe, and when I approached a volunteer at an aid station later he told me he had no knowledge that there was any talk of asking about any stranded runner, so there my understanding that they had not realized yet that i was not at any of the 3 operating aid stations on top of the ridge, i was not surprise or anything, given the sudden nature of the weather and the amount of people that needed to be looked after.

I am sure that everybody is wondering how can i even get lost, I made many mistakes and i was aware of the risks, nothing too dangerous, but I have always respect nature, i knew i was safe, I can run for along time so keeping warm was not a problem but is the outdoors after all and i never take it lightly, the best thing is to thing ahead of what the problems might be, in my case, when I worried is when the wind became to strong and i was worried that if it picked me up and send me flying they will not have found my that easy and if i get hurt and became unable to move that could be trouble.
Rule number one, always know when to turn around.

I also shared with Chris that I felt fully responsible, i knew i was ill prepared, i was already struggling at the beginning, some people might think that i had no place there but think that i do, i wanted to be there, i will probably never have a life that is optimum for that kind of adventure, by choice, my lifestyle is 100% based on my priorities, I could do more but that would mean that i spend less time doing the things that my kids need from me, is their time now, not mine, in a few more years they will be gone and then i can pursue my passions fully.
But as hard as it will be i still want to participate such events, I have the feeling that my life will always have these kind of obstacles, I lived for my family, but i much rather be there for them and push through a race or a climb than give up on that kind of lifestyle. I am also aware of my limitations so I am careful about not finding myself in a situation where I have to cut my arm to free myself.

Bottom line, I highly recommend C2M. Coyote 2 Moon is for anybody that is looking for a challenge, elite or not will feel at home.C2M, is a lot of fun but the course is challenging enough for anybody even at the elite level, so don't skip it if you are serious about other well know races like WS.
The volunteers are nicest and most dedicated people I have ever met on an event, I mean, one of them gave me his socks so i could continue, they wanted me to continue as much as I did, they didn't have to care but they did.

I left the original post, everybody experiences things differently,I want you to read both sides of the story, also it reflect the chaos on my brain that usually happen after something like that, and trust me, this is not the last time you will find me in a chaotic state again, Ironman here I come!

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