Monday, May 18, 2009

Namibia Day 1

Day one proved to be extremely difficult for almost everybody, I spoke with the stage winner a Spaniard and he had a great time. everybody else however seemed to have found it difficult.

Today we run Africa`s Grand Canyon, 38 K in total, most of the way was rocky, wet or a steep ascend. after making camp the night before we started around 8:15am it took me about 8 hours and 30 minutes to make it to camp 2, i was expecting to be out there for a long time but i never anticipated it was going to take me that long.
i am feeling not bad considering i have just run 100 miles less than a week ago, my blisters are healing, i think the worst has been being homesick, i always get like that just before the race. it takes so long to get to the race place, sleeping at random gates on an airport layover, then it`s usually a long bus ride to the final destination.
but once we get here it`s fantastic, meeting new people , seeing old friends, sort of like a summer camp for grownups.
Namibia is so beautiful, looking down at the canyon today i couldn`t help but feel privileged, just behindme there was a blind competitor from Korea, i kept thinking of him though the whole trek, eventhough it was hard it was worth just to be able to experience such beauty.

I am amazed of people like him, just like my son, watching him living life to the fullest, he is still refusing to slow down even though he has an excuse if he decided to take it, but he doens't because he will be cheating himself. After watching him I am embarassed when i find myself making excuses not to try something just because I think it will be hard, you know the usual excuses, not enough time, too old to do that, too busy.

Tomorrow is not suppose to be as hard, but we could be wrong, I am prepared to have an other hard day, that way if it its i am not dissapointed, I am here to finish so no matter how hard i just plan on putting one foot infront of the other until i get it done.

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