Friday, May 22, 2009

Namibia Day 6

Today we woke up to great news, after having a total of 40 people dropping out on the long stage the race organizer decided to shorten today's race from 28 kilometres to 20. Today's stage was the sand dunes, It was spectacular, the view from the top was worth it having going through all the pain yesterday just to experience today. We arrived at campsite by the beach, I have to say I tear up when i saw the shoreline. Running a race like this make you appreciate things, we have to earn our food and sleep everyday by running hard sort or primal. As usual the talk today was around what We are looking forward the most tomorrow after the race, food being the top and a nice shower being a close second. I had a chance to meet the other fellow Canadians today around campsite, I am amaze of the range of level and the reason of why any of us are here. AshKan Mokhtari from Toronto had an amazing day yesterday, he came top 35, even though He is not a sponsor athlete he could easily become one if it's not that he choose dentistry as a profession. on the other end David Cenaiko from Calgay as well is here to finish. There are to types of participants on this race, the ones that have experienced something dramatic in their life that made them find an outlet where to express thmeselves or the ones that do It just for the love of It. Myself being on the first group had a hard day today after the race at my tent, just as I was getting my flag sign from my tent mates, I got a pang of pain of why I am here, I wish with all my heart my son was not loosing his sight, I wish with all my heart I was here for the later reason, just for the love of It, but then again I don't have control on what happens in my life only on what I do about It

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Lililime said...

Norma, a line Emily Dickenson wrote "I dwell in possibility" has always meant a lot to me and in this journey with blindness you are on I see you owning this. You are such an inspiration and all us girls from the comic vision gang are cheering you on from the sidelines. Love your blog and your humour and glad you are finding some bliss with the blisters(isn't that life?)
PS to make you smile, seriously hot photo of you from comic vision in the Sun today:)