Monday, May 18, 2009

Namibia Day 2

Day two was a bit easier than yesterday and I think We all needed to boost the morale.
Today we ran 38 kilometres on moderate terraine, descending from the camp site 2 on stony ground, past broken windmill then followed faint tracks not travelled for well over 20 years. Passed an old corral and still descending with some flat areas and ocasional small uphills, finally descending to check point 6 avobe the Konkiep River, along riverbed and over low pass to check point 7 then over the hill via Beacon and onto plains to camp 3 that nested between the hills by a deserted farmhouse overlooking the plains of Africa.
I had a hard time running, for some reason my shoulder blades where killing me, my pack weights over 9 kilos and even though I have eaten some of my rations of course it is still heavy. I came with more weight this time expecting to need more calories and more layers since I am a bit tired from all the races I have been doing. At night I am thankful for my fresh socks, cozy jacket and extra socks, during the day I pay the price.
The mood at camp tonight its lighter tonight, this morning we heard of a Japanese runner that was lost still at 8:30 this morning he never made it even to check point one so he was lost for over 24 hours, thankfully they found him well a few hours later. Although Racing the Planet does and amazing job at marking the course people still do get lost, I have been very attentive on watching the course at all times and resist temptation of listening to my iPod since it`s easier to get distractacted by it. Other news from yesterday. I saw a runner beeing stranded on a drop, She was crying and was been helped down by other runners, that runner was Sandy McCallum, a well know Canadian Ultrarunner and a former Calgary resident. She ended going the wrong way too and found herself unable to climb down a rock she had climb thinking she could go over it.
I am struggling a bit, fatigue taking over but I am possitive that I will finishif I only remain smart and focus, after check point 2 out of 3 I couln`t run anymore, the pounding of my backpack on my shoulders sent sharp pain, so I just slowed down, It took me just as long to finish today than yesterday and It was a lot esier but I don`t want to risk hurting my back again. But don`t feel sorry for me, if I were to choose a place where I would want to walk for 8 hours, this will be It, I have missed seeing any wildlife, except for the odd scorpion or snake, the fasters runners today got to see zebras, but this is a majestic place never the less, so as I walked I try to take in as much of the view as possible, after all I might never have the oportunity to come back.
I am making so many friends here, I will really encourage people to try an event like this, I love the sight of camp, with all the tents and the fires going and people just relaxing after a long day, It puts a smile on my face.
I moved tents, I am now at the Spanish tent, I am craving the sound of the language and the smells of their food, It reminds me of my mom`s cooking in Mexico.

Tomorrow is suppose to be an easier day, I will however keep in mind that I still have over 600 kilometres in the next couple of months. Not so bad if all the miles will look anything like the ones I have already taken"

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