Monday, March 8, 2010

Let the Pain Begin-Stage 1

Monday March 8, 2010

The race begins!! Norma made it to the start line and actually did very well today. She finished Stage 1 in a little under 6 hours. Considering the conditions and the crazy circumstances of just getting to Chile over the past week, she did amazingly well. I have been in a similar situation myself and so much energy is expended before the race that it feels like running in quicksand when the race actually starts.

Here is part of a short e-mail that Norma sent to me after today’s stage:

“hi baby. sure missed you a lot today. it was very hot, i was ok for the first two stages then from check point 2 to 3 it was so hot i just couldn’t run anymore. i wish i was doing better for you, i want to make you proud but i also know the worst that can happen is to not finish so i am looking after myself, i remembered what you told me not to go too hard in the beginning. i think i am running as well i can possibly do, my shoes are too thin and i felt every rock, and i had sand in my shoes the entire way, i know my feet will be a nightmare but i am ok at pushing through pain. as long as i am safe i can push through pain. not a lot to say about the race, just keeping my head down and getting it done. i loved looking at your ring it made me feel better. i am feeling ok not worry about not finishing anymore, as long as i keep doing what i am doing it will work out.”

I think that she sounds very strong and resolved to fight hard this week. She is currently the fifth woman in the rankings and I know that she will try to catch a couple of them. Okay, more to come tomorrow.


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