Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Norma Struggles through high heat and sore feet

Wednesday March 10, 2010

Today was a tough day for Norma I think. I did not hear from her today but as I look at the rankings, she dropped a few spots which tells me that she struggled today. She is so competitive that I am sure she would not choose to let anyone move ahead of her.

From what I can tell on the website, many people struggled today. Temperatures were very hot and it looks like a couple of aid stations may have run low on water. Mary Gadams, the race series owner and race director, does an amazing job of orchestrating these events. The logistics are just baffling but she gets it done every time. But days like today are just part of the experience. We go to the deserts to suffer and to struggle in hopes that we gain knowledge. I think a lot of racers learned something about themselves today.

I am hoping that Norma remembers that she is not racing the others. Instead, my hope is that she takes a deep breath and remembers that there are many people out here that are just pulling for her to do her best. I know that she feels some pressure to perform well and that can be difficult when things go wrong. My experience is that every race has it’s highs and lows and neither of them should dictate the lasting imprint from the experience.

All of these multi day races are about adapting to the changing circumstances. I guess the same could be said for most aspects of life. Business, relationships, running and family are pretty much the same. Our success is usually dependent on our ability to adapt to the changing circumstances. In Norma’s case, it appears that the desert made the rules today but if I know Norma she will get up and go after it again tomorrow.

I love her for her spirit and the fact that she is never afraid to put it all on the line.

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dina said...

I am not able to get to the website through my Blacberry, but I hope that Norma will check in here sometime or Charlie will copy this for me and paste it forward.

Norma, you are an inspiration to me. I cannot believe that after the airline lost your luggage, you are still going through with the race with your one pair of shoes. And of course, its not your running shoes. That's amazing to me. And then you had to beg for clothes and food. I am guessing that you are a VERY DETERMINED person to follow through all the obstacles. That's a quality I wish I had, but I guess my brother has it instead of me. :-)

Good luck in your endeavors! I check your blog everyday. I am thinking of you and your pain and suffering.

I hope to meet you someday soon, but I really want to meet your son. He and I have something in common. He has visual challenges and I have hearing challenges.
Take care of yourself. Dina