Thursday, July 26, 2007

all of a sudden Britney seems emotionaly stable single mother

You can't be serious... There must be something wrong... I'll give you the $1000 if you don't do it...

that seems to be the reaction from some friends. On the other hand I have already collected $1000 in pledge money for the CNIB. First day and from only two friends that responded. I am so excited.

It seems to be a great concern about my mental health, sure, my kids are gone for 3 weeks and I am not the best of dealing with loneliness.. but this goal is tough but my expectations are realistic, to finish. will I be disappointed if I am force to drop out out of running out of time or injury? sure but I am determined to keep it relatively safe. Plus we all do stupid things once in a while, specially during Stampede, DUI, unprotected sex, parties with livestock and drunk oil employees trying to wrestle a baby calf. Well this is my own little stampede.

The goal is to finish, I will push trough blisters, fatigue, muscle pain and things like that. I will stop if I think I am in danger at any moment, plus is a 24 running and hiking. Like Karl says, "is just my eyes mom" " everything else works really well". Is just going to be a really long day.

Preparations are underway, I found a friend willing to car camp with me and be my support person, helping me with bandages, change my shoes, feed me, support is not allowed outside check points but having a friendly face specially on the night part will be invaluable.

My training now is mostly walking, my muscles are fatigue since I was training for the 5 peaks race mid September. I have to do a force taper to let my leg muscles rest.

top 5 songs on my ipod to get me going this week

1. la cadena de oro ---Cabas
2. party like is 1999---Prince
3. Daria ---La 5a Estacion
4. Tu tortura--- Shakira y Alejandro Saenz
5. Don't stop till get enough--- Michael Jackson

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