Saturday, July 28, 2007

you mean you will be in a lot of pain for 24 hours

I saw my friend Nancy yesterday and we started talking about the race. She was out for a walk with her husband and baby daughter. after trying to explain my best what this race is all about. " is it dangerous?" I guess there is always risk involved, I explained, but most people drop our of injury or because you are in too much pain. Nancy didn't even blink, " you'll be fine" she added. I guess, to a young mother who just experience childbirth, pain is not something that makes her cringe any more. There are experiences in life that stretches our boundaries of what we think is possible. I guess that is why when I got the call from the Death Race organizers and told me there was a spot for me if I wanted I decided to go ahead and not wait until next year.

I picked up all my gear now and I am ready to go. headlight for running at night, walking poles to try and use my upper body and give my legs a rest, extra pair of shoes 1 size too big for the later part ,my feet will swell a size I am told, table salt, electrolyte tablets, gels, boost, smart wool socks, moleskin, duct tape for my feet and an extra large camel back.

I went running for about 40 minutes and tried my gear, I need to know where it chaffs and where it pinches and try and be pro active.

The race is exactly in a week and I am feeling anxious, there is nothing I can do to prepare myself physically , is to late to get any fitter, I have to go with what I got, and I don't want to loose my courage. I am not afraid of the race I am more afraid of the week after. Reading racers stories of last year racers,it always ends the same way, it seems unbelievable how much your body can ache.

Well, the thing I am looking forward after the race is the fact that the next day meals will account for 0 calories, my body will burn so many calories that it will not matter. I am going to order that extra slice of chocolate cake.

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