Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I thought they were kidding too

I can believe this is is happening this fast. I started inquiring about the Canadian Death Race in hopes to race it next year and next thing you know I am going to be racing next weekend.
The only two people I had a chance to tell in person try to talk me out of it, so I do know how crazy this is.

I am exited, not about running 125K, but I am excited that I have found a way to give back to the CNIB. When Karl was diagnosed with Cone Dystrophy, I had a lot of questions and they took the time to talk to me and provided all the help I needed to help Karl. There are a lot of amazing organizations that help families or individuals like me deal with adversity.You never really appreciate it until you need them. They never made me feel guilty for thinking," what am I going to do" they understood that even though Karl was the one diagnosed, it affected as all.

Of course I relied on friends and family as well. So this ultra marathon is dedicated to everybody that held my hand. My kids are doing amazing now, they act like normal preteen boys and that is why I am so thankful to everybody.

I am sure this is going to be quite the adventure. Talking to a few ultimate runners I had the pleasure of hearing fantastic tips on how to suffer the least. I am told the pain will never stop but they are ways of lessening the pain.

So enjoy the ride is guaranteed to be a bumpy one

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