Sunday, July 29, 2007

The wating game

I started my taper and I am not feeling well. I have being running so much for so long that not running is making me cranky. Last time I tapered I insulted my best friend Nadia. Training at a certain intensity and then taking it away is like taking nicotine away from a smoker. I have been very emotional. I watched "Because I said so" and even though I knew it was bad I couldn't stop crying.

I am ready to go. I am as ready as I could be given the circumstances. I have being training for Boston so I haven't prepare for a lot of hills. I am no different that anybody else in terms of exercise. I drive to Memorial dr to go for a run or drive to and from the gym but never take the stairs. Now I am wishing I had taking the stairs a bit more often.

John stopped by today to go over next weekend. here is a friend who I hardly even know that when he heard I was going to race alone volunteer to be my support crew, our kids play soccer at the same league and we both volunteer for the association but including today I have met him only a handful of times. I told him he would absolutely hate me after the race. I guess it will be like giving birth in front of a person I hardly even know. John will be in my friends list forever, next time I move I sure know who I will call first.

We had a good chat until the part where he saw my equipment and then asked me why didn't I have the bear spray yet. Is wishfull thinking of my part. I know I am not going to be the first in the race and I am hopping to be somewhere in the middle, bears will be long gone by the time I go by I hope, unless of course I fall so far behind the bear come out from hiding. Maybe I should get a small bear spray, I am not sure I can operate the canister properly with exhausted arms, with my luck I will probably spraying myself and become peppered Mexican beef jerky.

I talked to my kids today. They left their cell behind and their friends are trying to get a hold of them. Talking to them eliminated any doubt in my mind. My kids had a rough year last year and now their only worry is trying to schedule play dates with their friends over the summer. I am thankful for all the support that got us there. I will try my hardest to make it as far as I can on the race, but just like John said "don't worry, if you don't finish I guess this will be your practice run for next year"

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