Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I hope Fried Green Tomatoes is on TV tonigh

I am experiencing some soreness in my quad. I am not sure is serious but at this point I don't want to take a chance. A healthy average runner is better off on a race than a fit injured one. I have being sitting and eating comfort food and it might seem like a great day but, beware doing this will lead to endless channel surfing to find chick flicks.
I feel guilty for just sitting at home and not exercising, and just like somebody going though a breakup and sees couples everywhere, I too seem to notice people jogging, on bikes ,roller blading. Sunday when I went for a walk I saw the running groups everywhere, having a great time. I came home and ate more carbs.
I am leaving Friday and the day doesn't come fast enough, I never thought I was going to be looking forward to driving for 7 hours to car camp on a community parking lot and sharing the general showers. Not exactly a Club Med vacation.
I imagine that things would be different if I had been a single mother of girls. But would it? As a kid I was never allowed to play sports only dance classes. Sports where to tomboyish for my mom, in Mexico a good parent will make sure daughters are marriageable, and what nice boy will want a girl that behaved like a boy, my mom always said when I asked if I could play on a team.
In my teens too, I was never allowed to do anything that made me too muscular, back then models and actresses did not look muscular.I think I am finally coming on my own. I realize that the reason why I never did anything like this before was not because I don't enjoy it, but because I was never allowed. As a mother of boys, I am around sports that I always thought where for boys, and I have learn to enjoy mountain biking, running marathons, I have learned to love sports as a life style not just something you do to look a certain way.

On my ipod this week

1.Umbrella---- Rihanna
3.I am changing--- Jennifer Hudson
4.Sorry--- Maddona
5. Here I go again--- whitesnake

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